Top 10 Hidden Wedding Costs

Top 10 Hidden Wedding Costs


It has been widely reported via the Knot and Costs of Wedding, that the average costs of a wedding is about $28k. Of course, this varies in the city that you live in and one of the first decisions, you and your partner make as how lavish or humble you want to make your big day.

We took to ask the brides of reddit and former clients what were some unexpected or hidden wedding costs as they began to bring their wedding [insert wedding link] to life. After posting the question, we got some interesting responses from brides who planned their wedding under $10k and over $10k. Without further ado, here is the list (in no particular order - that would depend on your perspective).


1. Wedding Dress Alterations

One common theme among all the wedding blogs and brides who responded, was the overlooking of dress alterations. Not to mention, on the grooms ends for tuxes or suits. The oversight is mainly driven by spending your ENTIRE budget on the dress and not factoring a few hundred dollars for alterations and fittings.


2. Taxes

Every vendor must charge taxes. Some vendors include it their pricing, while others add it to the final bill. Just make sure you clarify up front which way the vendor operates.  


3. Linens and Glassware


If you are providing your own catering, you may find yourself getting excited for feeding your family friends on your wedding day. However, the vendor may throw in the plates and silverware but not the glass and linens. Some brides had terrific ideas of going to garage sales to buy glassware.


4. Hotel Rooms


Most couples may take into account their honeymoon suite for the night. However, sometimes you may need to book a bridal suite room to accommodate the bridal party while they get ready during the big wedding day. After all, no one want s to have a room full of luggage or equipment of their bridal party to spend your first night and husband and wife.


5. Lighting


A simple addition of up-lights around a reception area can cost around $1,000. For example, you want a monogram gobo, that would be extra. You want mood lighting….that would be extra. Keep that in mind when you are going through the tours of the various venues. Ask vendors to be specific in the cost breakdown with the rooms they show you.


6. Tips and Gratuities


You may be thinking, "really?" Yes, think of the all sweat equity the baker puts into the fine details of your wedding cake(s), the


7. Postage


We know about the postage to send save-the-date and invitations. However, don't forget to factor in the postage for the RSVP responses, so your guest can confirm quicker that they will attend your blessed day.


8. Corkage & Cake Cutting Fees


Before any champagne starts flowing or soft, spongy texture of cake touches anyone lips, inquire whether these fees are included within the overall package your are selecting.


9. Bachelor Parties and Getaways


Want to go to Vegas and wild out? Want to go wedding dress shopping at Kleinfeld's in the Big Apple? Take a weekend escape to the Florida Keys to release tension from all the wedding planning? Even if your best buds and best gals cover the airfare and hotel, you still have the basic necessities of food, drinks and bar tabs. Keep that it mind as its the little things that add up real fast.


10. Other


Something always comes up. You may all of a sudden want a sparkler or bubble exit. The Groom forgot to pack the cologne, someone in the bridal party lost jewelry and the list goes on and on.. Point being, there may be a snafu or two that pop-up, which undoubtedly will require some cash. It is always good to budget for contingencies.

Let us know what other costs you feel are hidden in the comments below.

All the best and happy planning.