Savannah Country Wedding at Cadle Barn

During Norman's three year stint in Savannah, GA, he met a few couples that he was blessed to document some of their milestone moments. Among them, was Bonnie and Dain. He first shot their engagement session in fall of 2015. 

When their wedding date was set in April, Bonnie and Dain gave us the opportunity to chronicle their momentous day in Swainsboro, GA, a few hours outside of Savannah. This was an action-packed weekend as the day before we captured Erika and Kurt's wedding

Driving out to Swainsboro was a welcomed pace of change from the city. Seeing the pastures, colorful landscapes were a treat during our drive. Once we reached the quaint city, Norman met the bridal party at Changes Hair Salon and I met the groomsmen on the green for a round of golf at the Swainsboro Country Club. 

After the morning's activities, we drove to Cadle Barn residence to finish the day's preparations before the ceremony. It was a beautiful mid-April day (4/16/16) to have a gorgeous wedding. Bonnie and Dain's love filled everyone with energy to party the night away.   


Bridal Prep - Changes Hair Salon

Groom Prep - Swainsboro Golf & Country Club

Caterer - Southern Cuisine out of Statesboro

Cake - Family Friend

Flowers - Family Friend

Decor - DIY