Coral Gables Wedding at Renaissance Ballrooms

Somewhere in between having my second child, Norman in New York and trying to pay our student loans, my brother and I decided to try to be wedding photographers. Due to this inception of thought, we owe a huge debt of gratitude to Teresa and Damian. They were the first couple who took a gamble on unknown, unproven, but eager brothers to break into this highly-competitive, boundary pushing creative industry. We can never thank you enough. Their first risk was documenting their engagement session in Pinecrest Gardens. From there, they entrusted us to capture their wedding. 

Their glorious day was on February 28th, 2014. It all started at the groom's house where he got ready. Simultaneously,  Teresa got ready in Homestead. Converging at Renaissance Ballrooms, both Teresa and Damian radiated their commitment to one another. Tears of joy sprouted from many family members overcome with emotion. The remainder of the evening reveled in splendor.  

Wedding Venue - Renaissance Ballrooms