Creative Engagement Photography Ideas

Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials. The groundswell of excitement is reaching a fervor pitch.  You may be thinking, "I've seen some beautiful engagement pictures. How can I put my own spin to them?"

Search no further as we've compiled some unique engagement photo ideas for you to let your imagination take them to new heights.


Holi Powder

Holi Powder - From a colorful perspective, this just screams fun. Running in an open field or park, holi powder, is a great choice to liven up any engagement session. It is an affordable way to break-away from the standards of traditional engagement images. 

via Unsplash-Sebias-Ribas


Library - For our studious or vigarous readers, a library would be a great choice. This would be a great way to integrate your love for George RR Martin's Game of Thrones or literary masterpieces from Edgar Allan Poe.  


Train Museum

Planes, Trains & Automobiles - Do you fancy something from the Great Gatsby era? Miami's very own Gold Coast Rail Road Museum is a possibility. Keep in mind that they do require a session fee to partake in creating some unique images. 



Museum - Need we say more? Actually, we do. In calling a few places like the Perez Art Museum, and the Frost Museum of Science there are session fees associated with the location. However, there are smaller, quaint museums that may be more accommodating. 



Winery - Having an engagement session at  winery is a great way to change up the locations. Not only would the rows of vineyards provide scenic backdrops, but it's also a nice way to taste some of the wine in season. From a Miami perspective, Schnebly Winery & Brewery is a great wedding venue. 


Smoke Bombs

Smoke Bombs - Last but not least, another way to add color to your engagement session without the mess of holi powder, is to have some smoke bombs. These typically run $10-$20 per color and usually last 90 seconds.