Mackie House Wedding in Savannah || Teresa + Wes

A private oasis just minutes from Historic Downtown Savannah, The Mackey House rests over 440 acres of land in this beautiful plantation estate. 

Teresa and Wes couldn't have chosen a more scenic venue to accommodate their families traveling all across the southeast. It was a spring day in March and mother nature was extremely kind to provide some radiating heat among a cool-brisk day. 

The Mackie House bustling activity between caterers, family members and bridal party all ushering in to set-up a gorgeous union between Teresa and Wes. 

The ceremony was unique in having a Scotsman introduce the bride to melodies from bagpipes. Knowing he had to top his fiancé's entrance, Wes upped the ante by entering to the sounds of "Whatta Man" by Salt-n-Peppa. The entire family cheered with joy with his display of showmanship. This was just a microcosm of who Teresa and Wes are as people as the cemented their love for each other. 

Wedding Ceremony Venue & Wedding Reception - The Mackey House Plantation

Hair & Make-Up - DIY

Bagpiper - Stephen D. Ailes

Also published in Huffington Post Weddings on June 2nd 2014 in their Real Weddings featurette.