Longans Place Wedding with Disney Easter Eggs

Back in November, we introduced you to some wonderful humans, Reyna and John. They had their engagement session in Wynwood. Let’s fast forward 6 months later. Their epic day finally had arrived and they did not disappoint. True to what Reyna said when we first met, she was going to have some easter eggs weaved into her wedding day. Little things, like the mickey icon in her veil, the Beauty and the Beast Rose as a centerpiece, mickey icon cufflinks and of course, something dear to her favorite movie, a decanter engraved “Ohana.”

The ceremony took place at Longan’s Place in South Miami down by the Redlands. The vows were exchanged in a dock overlooking a waterfall while the mother nature graced us with a scenic day. Passing clouds provided a brief reprieve from the Miami sun. However, once Reyna and John were officially hitched, the festivities began and never looked back.

Reyna + John, we wish you a lifetime of happiness as you embark and start your family.

 Venue - Longan’s Place