Savannah Wedding at Cha Bella || Erika + Kurt

My brother and I being so far away always makes photographing wedding logistically complicated.  Balancing family and work always presents its challenges, but this time my brother will be the one tasked to juggle this.  Most of our weddings are usually in Miami, but Erika and Kurt were getting married in Savannah, and therefore my brother had to pack his Ford Escape with his camera gear, wife, and kids...Road Trip!

I for one was excited.  Not only did I get to see my nieces, but photographing a wedding in downtown Savannah was awesome.  Savannah is such a gorgeous city, and we had a wonderful couple  too.

Erika and Kurt are just as sweet as they come.  The morning started with coffee and muffins from the Starbucks located at the hotel lobby of the Westin.  Erika and Kurt separated by two floors, started their day with a little bit of nerves and jubilation.  Erika was surrounded by her mother and two sisters popped open their make-up bags and hair products and got to work.  Taking turns on the make-up chair and bathroom mirrors, these ladies where highly efficient in making themselves look beautiful for the big day.  Overlooking the Savannah river,  Erika's room set the stage to what will be a beautiful day.

Kurt stood with his father and groomsmen in another hotel room.  Putting on their suits and attempting to master the art of a tie knot, the guys were pretty calm and collective.  Around one o'clock, Kurt called up to see if Erika was ready to meet downstairs for their first-look.  We decided to take Kurt down first at the edge of the hotel where it met the Savannah River.  My brother stayed upstairs in Erica's room to get an aerial shot of their first look.  Not disappointed, as Erika crept slowly behind Kurt and tapped his shoulder, Kurt turned around and began to cry at the site of his beautiful bride to be.  They hugged and kissed and let the emotions just define the moment as they are about to embark on a new life together.  

We quickly hoped onto the limo and went to a couple of places in downtown Savannah to take some portraits.  We discreetly entered one of the hotels on the other side of the river to get a picture of these tall stairwells that was very rustic in nature.  Huey's restaurant shares the back lobby of this hotel, so patrons were really nice to wait to use the bathrooms until we were done photographing.  We then took a couple of other portraits outside River Street and then made our way to the Cha Bella.    

Their very chill laid back personalities matched the venue they selected at Cha-Bella in downtown Savannah.  Cha Bella is a very low-key, intimate, farm to table restaurant with a such a romantic decor and ambiance that is perfect for a wedding ceremony.  The ceremony room was dim but accented by candles running down the aisle to the alter.  The ceremony commenced and the packed room was mostly in tears.  You can tell by the emotions how much all of their guest truly loved their union.  Once the ceremony was done we headed out to the restaurant's patio/garden, which exquisite.  We took some formal pictures and then sat down for the toast and dinner.  

After dinner, guest hung out in the patio listening to music and some dancing but overall the vibe was chill.  We took Erika and Kurt to take a quick picture outside and then headed back in to conclude party.  The wedding planner gave the remaining guest large sparklers, as the couple exited into the Limo and went back to the hotel as husband and wife.

Accommodations - Westin Savannah Harbor Resort

Wedding Venue - Cha Bella

Hair & Make-Up -