Rustic Backyard Wedding || Yesi + Raul

Nestled between the farm lands in Homestead and city lights in South Miami, Yesi and Raul had their rustic backyard wedding.   Yesi put a lot of time and energy in planning her wedding.  She knew her parents backyard could serve as the perfect venue since it had a huge yard.  She rented a tent, tables, and chairs, and her creative mind took care of the rest.  

Raul and Yesi came to visit me in Savannah, GA where we took their engagement pictures.  I asked about the wedding plans and the amount of effort and detail they were putting in was impressive.  They showed me old doors that they bought a flea market and the goal to make them look rustic (they didn't make the cut).  Therefore, it wasn't a surprised that after we took pictures, Yesi wanted to go to a couple of the local antique shops in the city.  

Fast forward a couple of months later, and their awesome DIY backyard wedding is here.  As the guest started to come-in, Yesi was secretly getting ready in her mother's room with her daughter.  There was a lot of nice moments between the two of them, sincere laughter and hugs were exuberant in the emotions of the day.  Raul on the other hand, was getting ready at their house.  Enjoying the day with his best friend, drinking some nice cold beers as he wrote his wedding vows hours before the ceremony.  

The ceremony was extremely unique and intimate.  Raul and Yesi got very emotional while reciting their vows, a beautiful declaration of the fun-loving relationship that they have.  The guest gathered around the alter, wiping their tears just waiting for moment where they say, I do to one another.   The ceremony ended with huge cheers and excitement as the two made their way under the tent and asked the DJ to start the party.  And the party, well... that was epic.