A Summer Engagement at Bill Baggs Lighthouse || Kristen + Tommy

From Fall to Spring

It’s been a few months since we last blogged due to life things, career things, kids things. However, it feels nice to hear the keystrokes sounds on my laptop. Let’s start with our wonderful humans who chose us to capture their upcoming nuptials in Spring 2019, Kristen + Tommy. We have Kristen, a beautiful soul with laughter so infectious, you will instantly cheer up. Then there’s Tommy, an Italian with a confidently quiet demeanor, bringing an air of calmness to any situation. Both embody the laissez-faire attitude, letting things unfold organically. We couldn’t be more grateful to capture their engagement session at Bill Baggs State Park.

It was a warm, sunny day in Key Biscayne, for like an hour...typical Miami weather, lol. Kristen and Tommy were arriving at the Lighthouse Cafe when the clouds started rolling in. So, while mother nature did her thing, we did our thing and hung out at the Lighthouse Cafe and started our session with a couple of beers.

El Farrito Lighthouse

Kristen had mentioned to us that she loves lighthouses for many reasons, so it was fitting that “El Farrito” was the ideal locale to have their engagement session. We had a great time kidding around and sharing some joy while we were gallivanting around the park. As a bonus, for all the smack talk I did about insurance, I ended up busting my ass off the rocks in the lighthouse….karma, hahaha.  Kristen and Tommy tie the knot in March 2019.

Location - Bill Baggs State Park